Public Value ($) - Aug 30, 2021

You’ve Built a Racially Diverse Team. But Have You Built an Inclusive Culture?

It’s one thing to have a racially diverse team. It’s another to unleash that team’s potential to do great things in your organization. And yet there is very little guidance on how, exactly, to do the latter.

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Fast Company ($) - Aug 11, 2021

These 4 phrases are sabotaging your DEI efforts

You may have the best intentions, but these words are doing more harm than good to your DEI efforts.

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Arthur D. Little - Jul 1, 2021

Corporate sustainability

Sustainability has now risen to the top of the business agenda, with a combination of technology, financial backing, and greater government and consumer pressure all making it an imperative for every organization. Our lead article explains how taking a business ecosystem approach is crucial to sustaining our natural ecosystems.

Read Article By Stefano Milanese, Stefano Decadri, Carlo Stella, Martijn Eikelenboom, Trung Ghi, Florent Nansé, Juan González

Stanford Social Innovation Review ($) -

Equitable Implementation at Work

Equity must be integrated into implementation research and practice. Here are 10 recommendations for putting equitable implementation into action.

Read Article By Allison Metz, Beadsie Woo & Audrey Loper
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Valued and Disvalued Effects of Organizations


Valued and Disvalued Effects of Organizations

Public Value theory can be used to see the effects of your organization on its environment, including how it contributes to systems of welfare and justice.

MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Jun 8, 2021

Fighting Backlash to Racial Equity Efforts

Understanding the real reasons why diversity initiatives provoke opposition can help you lead employees through cultural transformation.

Read Article By Rosalind M. Chow, L. Taylor Phillips, Brian S. Lowery, and Miguel M. Unzueta
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BCG - May 26, 2021

It’s Time to Reimagine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A great deal of noble and important work has been done on DEI in recent years, but we have hit a ceiling.

Read Article By Gabrielle Novacek, Jean Lee, and Matt Krentz

Fast Company ($) - May 24, 2021

We can’t plant our way out of the climate crisis

What if planting more trees isn’t the climate solution we want it to be?

Read Article By Adele Peters
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McKinsey & Company - Apr 13, 2021

Net zero or bust: Beating the abatement cost curve for growth

Companies can both decarbonize and boost long-term growth. But it means pushing beyond abatement curves’ focus on cost and instead empowering people—while making a few big, strategic bets.

Read Article By Pauline Blum, Stefan Helmcke, Ruth Heuss, Thomas Hundertmark, Sebastien Marlier, Dickon Pinner, and Ken Somers

BCG - Apr 12, 2021

How to Tell If Your Business Model Is Creating Environmental and Societal Benefits

As companies now build back in the recovery, how can they assess which business model changes and innovations will also create the most environmental and societal value for their stakeholders?

Read Article By David Young and Marine Gerard

Bain & Company - Feb 23, 2021

Belonging, Support, and Trust: Racial Equity at Work

Real progress toward racial equity depends not only on hiring Black employees, but also on making sure they stay and thrive.

Read Article By Julie Coffman and Maria Gordian

Fast Company ($) - Feb 17, 2021

To empower Black employees, corporate leaders need to understand Black families

A marketing executive of color urges executives to get to know their employees where they live.

Read Article By Deanna Ransom
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MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Feb 18, 2021

The Four Fatal Mistakes Holding Back Circular Business Models

Manufacturing companies must avoid key missteps as they shift to more environmentally sustainable approaches.

Read Article By Johan Frishammar and Vinit Parida
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Wall Street Journal ($) - Feb 21, 2021

What’s Keeping Black Workers From Moving Up the Corporate Ladder?

Companies have devoted a lot of attention to diversity in hiring and promotions. A new study offers clues as to why the efforts have fallen short—and what can be done to change that.

Read Article By Vanessa Fuhrmans and Te-Ping Chen ($) - Feb 11, 2021

Research: How Companies Committed to Diverse Hiring Still Fail

Even if your company is committed to diversity inclusion, you might have hidden biases in your hiring strategies. According to recent research on the hiring practices at several prestigious firms, this can take several forms.

Read Article By Judd Kessler and Corinne Low
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Stanford Social Innovation Review - Feb 9, 2021

When the System Is at Risk, Cocreate to Win

The Six New Rules of Business offers a path forward for business leaders who aim to do good in the world.

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CMR Website - Feb 1, 2021

Tackling Societal Challenges with Open Innovation

The ultimate objective of innovation should be to create value – and in this era, the process of innovation should be oriented toward addressing societal-level problems.

Read Article By Anita M. McGahan, Marcel L. A. M. Bogers, Henry Chesbrough, and Marcus Holgersson

adaptable - Feb 25, 2021

The Call for Increased Stakeholder Value

Expectations are growing for corporations to behave like responsible members of a community, rather than like profit-seeking missiles that in their quest for short-term gains ignore all else!

Go To Post By George Veth
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Wall Street Journal ($) - Feb 8, 2021

ESG Metrics Help CFOs Attract New Investors, Reduce Costs

More finance chiefs talk about sustainability on earnings calls, provide disclosures

Read Article By Maitane Sardon

Forbes ($) - Feb 10, 2021

Multicultural Marketing And Employee Resource Groups—An Alliance That Can Drive Growth

As corporations have become more aware of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) related opportunities, there has also been a surge of interest around Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), as organizations have turned to their employees for information that could help them build more robust employee strategies.

Read Article By Isaac Mizrahi
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