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adaptable - Feb 25, 2021

The Call for Increased Stakeholder Value

Expectations are growing for corporations to behave like responsible members of a community, rather than like profit-seeking missiles that in their quest for short-term gains ignore all else!

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Wall Street Journal ($) - Feb 8, 2021

ESG Metrics Help CFOs Attract New Investors, Reduce Costs

More finance chiefs talk about sustainability on earnings calls, provide disclosures

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Forbes ($) - Feb 10, 2021

Multicultural Marketing And Employee Resource Groups—An Alliance That Can Drive Growth

As corporations have become more aware of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) related opportunities, there has also been a surge of interest around Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), as organizations have turned to their employees for information that could help them build more robust employee strategies.

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PWC - Jan 26, 2021

How ESG will drive the next wave of transformation

We believe these crosscurrents are coming together to propel the next wave of corporate transformation: the ESG transformation. Like digital, ESG has the potential to revamp how successful organisations plan, implement and operate.

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E&Y - Jan 29, 2021

Why there is an urgent need for global sustainability standards

New initiatives from the World Economic Forum and IFRS Foundation support the case for globally accepted sustainability reporting standards.

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E&Y - Jan 29, 2021

What investors view as top strategic drivers and threats

The quality and execution of a multi-faceted strategy will drive success as climate risk and business model disruption accelerate.

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E&Y - Feb 2, 2021

Will there be a ‘next’ if corporate governance is focused on the ‘now’?

A new survey of European business leaders shows sustainable corporate governance as key to long-term value over short-term pressures.

Read Article By Julie Linn Teigland and Andrew Hobbs ($) - Feb 3, 2021

Reimagining the Balanced Scorecard for the ESG Era

Companies are increasingly aware that their customers and society in general expect businesess to adopt and work towards social and environmental objectives as well as the traditional financial ones. This involves not only re-evaluating firms’ models but re-imagining new, more inclusive ecosystems from a multi-stakeholder point of view. In this article, the authors propose an update to the Balanced Scorecard, one of the most successful management tools of all time, so that it can better help align stakeholders coming from very different places around each other’s goals as well as their own.

Read Article By Robert S. Kaplan and David McMillan
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MIT Sloan Management Review - Jan 11, 2021

How Machine Discovery Can Accelerate Solutions to Society’s Big Problems

Machine learning can accelerate breakthrough advances in fields as diverse as energy, medicine, and urban planning.

Read Article By Mark Purdy and Max Klymenko

Fast Company - Feb 2, 2021

How to tell if a company’s ‘net zero’ goals are serious—or just greenwashing

Here are some questions to ask when a company says it plans to get to zero emissions.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review ($) - Jan 1, 2021

The Next Chapter in Design for Social Innovation

To address more complex social challenges, design thinking must become radically more collaborative and oriented toward systems change.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review ($) - Jan 14, 2021

The ‘Thou Shalt Nots’ of Systems Change

Enthusiasm for systems change is not new, and a broader historical perspective will help systems change enthusiasts learn from the past what NOT to do: replicate the ineffective mindsets and engineering approaches that have defined so much of the systems change work in our sectors.

Read Article By Christian Seelos, Sara Farley & Amanda L. Rose
Source Photo: Illustration by iStock/kimberrywood - Jan 11, 2021

A Step Toward Making Your Company More Sustainable

One model that holds great promise for sustainability is the circular economy (CE) — instead of digging up materials, using them once, and then throwing them away, companies in a CE recapture the enormous volume of resources in their value chain in order to use them again and again.

Read Article By Karolin Frankenberger and Fabian Takacs
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Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative - Jul 14, 2020

Public Value Toolkit

The Public Value Tool Kit is a set of materials designed to help educators and practitioners understand, utilize, and share the core concepts of the public value framework.

Read Article By Mark Moore, Jorrit de Jong, Gaylen Moore, and George Veth

Public Management Review - Aug 25, 2016

Ventures in public value management: introduction to the symposium

This essay reviews the development of public value management, tracing its rise from relative obscurity in the 1990s to the global attention it receives today.

Read Article By John Alford, Scott Douglas, Karin Geuijen, and Paul ‘t Hart
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Public Value is the pursuit of any number, or portfolio, of valued interests that the public warrants as enhancing their welfare and/or justice; including - but not solely - that of shareholder value


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