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Running with the Red Queen


Running with the Red Queen

Like running alongside the Red Queen, evolving at the rate of our markets and environments requires a speed of change.

Scenario Planning


Managing Uncertainty with Scenario Planning

Scenario planning can support planning by allowing organizations to think about radically different futures, and how they might respond.

adaptable - Sep 30, 2021

Top Articles on Strategy Execution – September 2021

This is adaptable’s Top Ten list on Strategy Execution for September 2021. Enjoy!

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Bain & Company - Sep 16, 2021

The traceability transformation: How transparent value chains can help companies achieve their sustainability goals

A new report from Bain & Company and the World Economic Forum highlights the digital traceability journey and the challenges companies face along the way

Read Article By Hernan Saenz and Joshua Hinkel

McKinsey & Company - Sep 24, 2021

A playbook for newly minted private equity portfolio-company CEOs

Unprecedented private equity deal flow means more leaders than ever are stepping into the portfolio-company CEO role. Here’s guidance from the experts on the role’s unique challenges and demands.

Read Article By Claudy Jules, Vik Krishnan, Vivek Pandit, and Jason Phillips

McKinsey & Company - Sep 13, 2021

Steady state: Prioritising stability in a volatile market

How Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher led a comprehensive reform of the Australian energy company’s operating model.

Read Article By Angie Dickinson and Tino Grabbert

BCG - Sep 8, 2021

Service Delayed Is Service Denied

Real time is the new just in time in digital transformations.

Read Article By Olaf Rehse, George Stalk, Vaishali Rastogi, Stefan Hoffmann, and Delf Schumann ($) - Sep 8, 2021

3 Strategies for Managing Your Profit-Drain Customers

Improve their experience — and your bottom line.

Read Article By Jonathan Byrnes and John Wass
Source Photo: dblight/Getty Images ($) - Sep 15, 2021

Who Is Driving the Great Resignation?

The last several months have seen a tidal wave of resignations, in the U.S. and around the world. What can employers do to combat what’s being called the Great Resignation?

Read Article By Ian Cook
Source Photo: Nick Dolding/Getty Images

The Innovator - Medium ($) - Sep 13, 2021

Interview Of The Week: Victoria Ossadnik, E.ON

Victoria Ossadnik is a member of the Executive Board of E.ON, one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service providers, and is responsible for the Group’s digital technology and in-house consulting.

Read Article By Jennifer L. Schenker

Towards Data Science - Medium ($) - Sep 10, 2021

One Easy Way to Improve How you Communicate your Data

How to Give Context to Your Data to Improve Your Message

Read Article By Jordan Bean
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Fast Company ($) - Sep 4, 2021

Productivity metrics aren’t useful any longer. Here’s a better way to measure what’s getting done

Work futurist Dominic Price says that as leaders seeking to create better ways of working, it’s not that we need to get rid of calculatable metrics. We just need more meaningful ones.

Read Article By Dominic Price-Atlassian
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BCG - Sep 7, 2021

It’s Time for CFOs to Embrace Agile

Contrary to what skeptics believe, it‘s not necessary to go all in when applying agile methods. A selective approach can promote efficiency and effectiveness.

Read Article By Anna Oberauer, Alexander Roos, Andreas Toth, and Srikant Vaidyanathan

VentureBeat - Sep 14, 2021

Google launches ‘digital twin’ tool for logistics and manufacturing

Arriving alongside Supply Chain Twin is the Supply Chain Pulse module, which can be used with Supply Chain Twin to provide dashboards, analytics, alerts, and collaboration in Google Workspace.

Read Article By Kyle Wiggers
Source Photo: Image Credit: silkwayrain/Getty

Fast Company ($) - Sep 28, 2021

The secret to creating amazing work? You have to hate it first

In ‘Creative Acts for Curious People,’ the Stanford’s Sarah Stein Greenberg offers tangible ways to embrace creativity and work through obstacles.

Read Article By Sarah Stein Greenberg
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Rob Bier - Trellis - Medium ($) - Sep 15, 2021

Are You A One-Eyed CEO?

In a previous post, I wrote about the point in the scaling journey where too many CEOs fail miserably: the transition from a stage 2 to a stage 3 CEO.

Read Article By Rob Bier

Fast Company ($) - Sep 15, 2021

The world’s most creative people have this one thing in common

Researchers used artificial intelligence to study the careers of 4,500 directors, 70,000 scientists, and 2,000 artists. The most successful among them share an important trait.

Read Article By Elissaveta M. Brandon
Source Photo: [Photo: Martha Holmes/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock]

LibertyIT - Medium ($) - Sep 15, 2021

Some thoughts on being a plank

The Ship of Theseus is an artefact in a museum. Over time, its planks of wood rot and are replaced with new planks. When no original plank remains, is it still the Ship of Theseus? Secondly, if those removed planks are restored and reassembled, free of the rot, is that the Ship of Theseus? Neither is the true ship. Both are the true ship.

Read Article By Craig Mccarter
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Keren Agbonika - Medium ($) - Sep 6, 2021

7 Real Business and Life Lessons From Jack Ma That Will Boost Your Business and You.

Without Sugarcoats.

Read Article By Keren Agbonika
Source Photo: Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

strategy+business ($) - Sep 8, 2021

Are you stuck in a “logic box”?

Beware the trap of making a smart choice among flawed options.

Read Article By Adam Bryant
Source Photo: Illustration by Fanatic Studio/Gary Waters/Science Photo Library
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