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adaptable - Feb 25, 2021

The Call for Increased Stakeholder Value

Expectations are growing for corporations to behave like responsible members of a community, rather than like profit-seeking missiles that in their quest for short-term gains ignore all else!

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INSEAD Knowledge - Feb 16, 2021

Not Everyone Can Be Agile

Most of what’s been written about Agile assumes that the methodology can be adapted to any organisation. But our analysis found that some companies are better suited to Agile than others. 

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adaptable - Feb 19, 2021

Rivals on a Team

“Trust” is imperative to collaboration and, therefore, to executing strategy. In this illustration, titled as a pun on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, Team of Rivals, we have members of a team who distrust one another.

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Wall Street Journal ($) - Feb 8, 2021

ESG Metrics Help CFOs Attract New Investors, Reduce Costs

More finance chiefs talk about sustainability on earnings calls, provide disclosures

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E&Y - Feb 8, 2021

How virtual collaboration can help build a better working world

Organizations need to think creatively when using technology to unlock new insights.

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International Institute for Analytics (blog) - Feb 9, 2021

Embracing Uncertainty: A Lesson From COVID Analytics

Most of the time, we focus on removing as much uncertainty as possible in the attempt to provide the single “best” answer to the question we’ve been asked. However, when uncertainty is unusually high, we can serve ourselves and our sponsors better if we embrace the uncertainty instead of trying to fully contain it.

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BCG - Feb 10, 2021

Building Trust in Business Ecosystems

Trust, we instinctively realize, is a precious quality that binds relationships, and nowhere more so than in business ecosystems. It’s foundational, but also fragile because all the participants in an ecosystem must learn to work with, and rely on, each other, knowing that no external force compels them to do so. Mutual trust, as much as mutual interest, binds business ecosystems.

Read Article By Marcos Aguiar, Ulrich Pidun, Santino Lacanna, Niklas Knust, and François Candelon

E&Y - Feb 3, 2021

Why companies need to step up their forecasting game

Amid increasingly volatile business environments, companies must learn to harness technology to efficiently generate accurate forecasts.

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E&Y - Feb 8, 2021

Is your biggest future risk the way you approach risk now?

Companies that transition to a new risk playbook will be in a stronger position to win the future consumer. There are three key areas to get right.

Read Article By Kristina Rogers and Andrew Cosgrove ($) - Feb 5, 2021

Why Is It So Hard to Become a Data-Driven Company?

To compete today, companies need to be data-driven. But for mainstream, legacy companies, that’s easier said than done. Despite a decade of investment and the adoption of Chief Data Officers, this survey of Fortune 1000 senior executives finds that many companies are still struggling against not just legacy tech, but embedded cultures that are resistant to new ways of doing things — over 90 percent of companies surveyed reported culture was their biggest barrier.

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Forbes ($) - Feb 10, 2021

Multicultural Marketing And Employee Resource Groups—An Alliance That Can Drive Growth

As corporations have become more aware of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) related opportunities, there has also been a surge of interest around Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), as organizations have turned to their employees for information that could help them build more robust employee strategies.

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McKinsey & Company - Feb 10, 2021

Capital Projects 5.0: Reimagining capital-project delivery

What could your business achieve if your large capital projects were 30 to 50 percent faster and cheaper? The opportunity is more real than you think.

Read Article By Shankar Chandrasekaran, Shakeel Kalidas, Mina Mir, Gerhard Nel, Prakash Parbhoo, Anuradha Rao, and Siddharth Srikanthan

E&Y - Feb 8, 2021

How a people-empowering culture helped P&G pull through the pandemic

Lockdown hit many factories hard. Yet some P&G plants increased production with fewer staff, and actively helped their local communities.

Read Article By Craig Lyjak ($) - Feb 10, 2021

How to Stop Overthinking Everything

Deliberation is an admirable and essential leadership quality that undoubtedly produces better outcomes. But there comes a point in decision making where helpful contemplation turns into overthinking. To stop the cycle of thinking too much and drive towards better, faster decisions you can: put aside perfectionism, right-size the problem, leverage the underestimated power of intuition, limit the drain of decision fatigue, and construct creative constraints.

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Forbes ($) - Feb 9, 2021

15 Business Strategies For Bridging Online And In-Person Experience Gaps

With businesses navigating closures and safe reopenings, this year has forced business leaders to get creative. For many, this has meant modifying in-person interactions to accommodate safety guidelines, or otherwise moving these meetings to a digital platform.

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BCG - Feb 10, 2021

Beethoven, Schubert, and Bank Technology Modernization

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony offers the perfect musical backdrop for today’s banking industry. The composer characterized the opening notes as “fate knocking on the door,” a fitting description of how banking executives may feel when facing the daunting prospect of an accelerating digital transformation and the need to modernize core systems.

Read Article By Rash Gandhi, Timothy Mandefield, and Evan Stubbs

E&Y - Feb 5, 2021

How to drive growth through better cost and profitability insights

Most financial institutions capture a fraction of potential value from profitability insights. The time is right to retire that paradigm.

Read Article By Matteo Polvara and Steven Bopp ($) - Feb 8, 2021

Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility

A top down approach to building company culture no longer works for several reasons. For one, Covid-19 has upended how leaders interact with employees and how coworkers connect with each other. Next, company culture has grown in importance, thanks to recent high-profile crises at big name companies. A new culture-building approach is already in place at some organizations, one in which everyone in the organization is responsible for it.

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E&Y - Feb 5, 2021

How a sustainable cash culture can drive growth

Freeing up cash on the balance sheet may be hard, but companies such as Johnson Controls are finding ways to establish a sustainable cash culture.

Read Article By Peter Kingma, Eidji Braghin, and Jeff Leach

Bain & Company - Feb 10, 2021

Aspiring Business Partner: When Financial Planning and Analysis Needs an Overhaul

CFOs want FP&A to become stewards of value creation, not just keep score.

Read Article By Michael Heric, Steve Beam, and Anup Juneja
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