Cultural Cohesion

adaptable - Feb 19, 2021

Rivals on a Team

“Trust” is imperative to collaboration and, therefore, to executing strategy. In this illustration, titled as a pun on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, Team of Rivals, we have members of a team who distrust one another.

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E&Y - Feb 8, 2021

How virtual collaboration can help build a better working world

Organizations need to think creatively when using technology to unlock new insights.

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BCG - Feb 10, 2021

Building Trust in Business Ecosystems

Trust, we instinctively realize, is a precious quality that binds relationships, and nowhere more so than in business ecosystems. It’s foundational, but also fragile because all the participants in an ecosystem must learn to work with, and rely on, each other, knowing that no external force compels them to do so. Mutual trust, as much as mutual interest, binds business ecosystems.

Read Article By Marcos Aguiar, Ulrich Pidun, Santino Lacanna, Niklas Knust, and François Candelon

E&Y - Feb 8, 2021

How a people-empowering culture helped P&G pull through the pandemic

Lockdown hit many factories hard. Yet some P&G plants increased production with fewer staff, and actively helped their local communities.

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Forbes ($) - Feb 9, 2021

15 Business Strategies For Bridging Online And In-Person Experience Gaps

With businesses navigating closures and safe reopenings, this year has forced business leaders to get creative. For many, this has meant modifying in-person interactions to accommodate safety guidelines, or otherwise moving these meetings to a digital platform.

Read Article By Expert Panel® ($) - Feb 8, 2021

Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility

A top down approach to building company culture no longer works for several reasons. For one, Covid-19 has upended how leaders interact with employees and how coworkers connect with each other. Next, company culture has grown in importance, thanks to recent high-profile crises at big name companies. A new culture-building approach is already in place at some organizations, one in which everyone in the organization is responsible for it.

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MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Feb 9, 2021

The Future of Team Leadership Is Multimodal

COVID-19 is accelerating a shift to hybrid work models, which requires a fundamental change in the skills team leaders need to succeed.

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McKinsey & Company - Feb 1, 2021

Unlocking the true value of effective feedback conversations

Much of the fairness of a performance-management process rests on managers’ ability to coach effectively.

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California Management Review - Jan 26, 2021

The 4 Types of Leadership

How you communicate determines how you lead.

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California Management Review - Jan 26, 2021

Preparing for a New Era of Work

COVID-19 is redefining the nature of employee autonomy.

Read Article By Carsten Lund Pedersen and Thomas Ritter ($) - Feb 1, 2021

WFH Doesn’t Have to Dilute Your Corporate Culture

Research shows that a solid majority of knowledge workers want flexible work arrangements after the pandemic. Company leaders face the challenge of reimagining their culture for a world where rituals and ceremonies enacted in the office are inaccessible.

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strategy+business ($) - Feb 3, 2021

Building a culture of learning at work

How leaders can create the psychological safety for people to constantly rethink what’s possible.

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Source Photo: Illustration by Fanatic Studio ($) - Jan 29, 2021

The Secret to Building Resilience

The ability to bounce back from setbacks is often described as the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Resilience has been shown to positively influence work satisfaction and engagement, as well as overall well-being, and can lower depression levels. New research shows that resilience is also heavily enabled by strong relationships and networks. We can nurture and build our resilience through a wide variety of interactions with people in our personal and professional lives.

Read Article By Rob Cross, Karen Dillon, and Danna Greenberg
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adaptable - Feb 11, 2021

Let’s tough it out this year.

The ability of a person or organization to adapt to a dynamic environment is not without challenges. It may require changes to age-old conventions and established ways of doing things!

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Fast Company - Jan 29, 2021

Your urge to micromanage is actually the result of bad communication

A forensic interviewer explains that micromanagers are often leaders who fear they’ve lost control of their workers, so they double down.

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Fast Company - Jan 29, 2021

3 ancient insights to inspire contemporary leaders

A leadership coach examines some radically forward-thinking practices that can be applied to our current work.

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Harvard Business Review ($) - Jan 26, 2021

Giving Critical Feedback Is Even Harder Remotely

Most managers don’t relish giving their employees negative feedback, but a remote environment can make the conversation even harder.

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Harvard Business Review ($) - Jan 22, 2021

Is Your Organization Digging Trenches or Building Bridges?

The current environment, where political divides and social movements permeate workplace interactions and many employees are working remotely, can create ideal conditions for entrenchment to take hold. To prevent or fight against these divisions, leaders first have to understand the divisive forces at play. 

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Medium - Jan 25, 2021

What Makes a Good Leader?

What makes a good leader? That’s a big question if there ever was one. After overcoming my trepidation, I reflected on what I’d observed and learned over the years and gave it my best go at FAM. Here’s a more detailed version of my answer.

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adaptable - Feb 2, 2021


[Part on a series of illustrations on cross-boundary collaboration]

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