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VentureBeat - Sep 14, 2021

Google launches ‘digital twin’ tool for logistics and manufacturing

Arriving alongside Supply Chain Twin is the Supply Chain Pulse module, which can be used with Supply Chain Twin to provide dashboards, analytics, alerts, and collaboration in Google Workspace.

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MIT Technology Review - Sep 8, 2021

Meetings suck. Can we make them more fun?

As hybrid and remote work become the norm, meetings are including video game and virtual reality elements to increase engagement.

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McKinsey & Company - Sep 10, 2021

The autonomous plant: Entering a new digital era

The requirements of the energy transition present significant industry challenges. Energy companies must embrace new technologies, transform management systems, and expand workforce capabilities.

Read Article By Gopal Chakrabarti, Dominik Don, Micah Smith, and Premal Vora

MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Aug 24, 2021

How smaller firms can harness the potential of collaborative robots

Integrating robots into a manufacturing system is often prohibitively expensive. A new approach could change that.

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Wired ($) - Aug 24, 2021

Can Robots Evolve Into Machines of Loving Grace?

Perhaps, if we put bots together the right way, consciousness will simply emerge.

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George Veth

This article restates (without being prophetic) the basic reality that all of work is being transformed by technology, so let’s keep pushing forward with digital transformation efforts! The authors suggest that these efforts are “future-proofing” our organizations. Based on a Bain study, the authors provide six practices, and lots of pioneering case examples, for “assembling and managing teams” leveraging data and technology.

Harvard Business Review ($) - Sep 1, 2021

Future-Proofing Your Organization

Drawing on research by Bain & Company involving more than 300 large firms worldwide in every facet of the global economy, the authors identify six practices for companies to follow as they regroup and reorganize for the inevitable recovery.

Read Article By Michael Mankins, Eric Garton, and Dan Schwartz
Source Photo: Alex Eben Meyer

George Veth

This is a follow on to Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement that Facebook will become a metaverse company – moving from 2D to a 3D “embodied [online] world”. In this article, the author explores what currently exists in the beta release of Facebook’s Workrooms – a product that, in name, seems to be focused on 3D work meetings. I am late to this game, so I will refrain from saying more! However, I think it may be time for fast followers to dive in! Read on to gain a quick understanding.

Wired ($) - Aug 19, 2021

Horizon Workrooms: Facebook’s Metaverse Is a VR Meetaverse

The company’s new virtual reality app brings Oculus users into the “infinite office.” Cool.

Read Article By Peter Rubin

Fast Company ($) - Aug 18, 2021

Tech-industry AI is getting dangerously homogenized, say Stanford experts

With more and more AI built on top of a few powerful models, bias and other flaws can rapidly spread. Careful review in an academic environment could help.

Read Article By Mark Sullivan
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MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Aug 6, 2021

Don’t Let Digital Obsession Destroy Your Organization

Companies and leaders must take a holistic approach to get digital transformation right.

Read Article By Matthew Doan

Fast Company ($) - Aug 9, 2021

What is decentralized finance? Understanding the risks and rewards of DeFi

An expert on emerging technology explains how a financial system that runs entirely on blockchain is the first good use case for cryptocurrency.

Read Article By Kevin Werbach
Source Photo: [Source images: ArtHead/iStock; NeONBRAND/Unsplash]

George Veth

I’m on the bandwagon of “digital twins”. A digital twin is “a [digital] model describing the behavior of its physical twin, and sensors that provide the real-time “coupling” to the model.” As this article mentions, we witnessed the use of a digital twin in the movie, Apollo 13, when we watched astronauts working in a simulator trying to construct a sequence to safely land the ailing spacecraft of their colleagues. Though the idea of digital twins is far from being a new concept, the reality of its use has only recently begun to be realized – due to the now ubiquitous data, cheap storage, and fast CPU speeds. This idea of digital twins is only going to gain prevalence within our companies.

MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Aug 11, 2021

The Digital Twin Opportunity

Developments in enabling technology are opening up more use cases for virtual models of real-world objects.

Read Article By Pushkar P. Apte and Costas J. Spanos
Source Photo: Image courtesy of Carlo Giamberresi/theispot.com

Bain & Company - Jul 28, 2021

Four Winning Patterns of Digital Transformation

While retooling to compete in a digital world is a major challenge, there’s a lot to learn from the companies getting it right.

Read Article By James Anderson and Laura Polasek

BCG - Jul 21, 2021

What Happens When ‘If’ Turns to ‘When’ in Quantum Computing?

Confidence that quantum computers will solve major problems beyond the reach of traditional computers—a milestone known as quantum advantage—has soared in the past twelve months.

Read Article By Jean-François Bobier, Matt Langione, Edward Tao, and Antoine Gourévitch

George Veth

I love how this post addresses the ‘now normal’ of remote teams not as a threat but as an opportunity to “construct a workplace digitally, around a problem or issue that needs to be managed, and pull in the workers and resources required in virtual space”. There is no equivocating around the idea of remote work. Instead, the authors share how technology enables virtual workspaces if we are willing to bring a positive attitude and proactive mindset to the table. Again, another well-written article.

Deloitte - Jul 12, 2021

Reconstructing the workplace

The digital-ready organization

Read Article By Peter Evans-Greenwood, Sue Solly, and Robbie Robertson

George Veth

I highlighted this article because I hadn’t seen the acronym of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things), even though it appears that the term heralds from several years back. Where have I been? I can’t say. The article is a simple 60 second read to highlight the value of using AI on real-time IoT data in order “to learn, self-correct and self-diagnose potential issues”. I like the image of this occuring in the wearables marketplace.

Geek Culture ($) - Jul 11, 2021

Analytics of IoT


Read Article By Tech in 3
Source Photo: Source: Fingent.com

Wired ($) - Jul 9, 2021

Need to Fit Billions of Transistors on a Chip? Let AI Do It

Google, Nvidia, and others are training algorithms in the dark arts of designing semiconductors—some of which will be used to run artificial intelligence programs.

Read Article By Will Knight

George Veth

This is a simple post that visits each piece of the grocery value chain and talks through how technology can be leveraged to automate processes and manage future costs. Nice review of the ubiquitous impact of technology on business (even if it is only one industry and focuses on cost management).

McKinsey & Company - Jul 2, 2021

Automation opportunities in North American grocery

Recent trends and technological advancements have made automation viable across the value chain.

Read Article By Steven Begley, Vishwa Chandra, Prabh Gill, and Bill Mutell

George Veth

This article is an interesting challenge to, if not a quasi rebuke of, industrial companies for what the authors surmise as a premature move away from AI. The article admits the undebated lack of overwhelming success of AI efforts to date, but, it proceeds to counter the objections to AI as well as to lay out some learnings for a renewed effort.

BCG - Jun 30, 2021

Can Industrial Companies Fix Their AI Engines?

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), there are essentially two kinds of industrial companies: those that have been hesitant to commit to AI programs, and those that have made significant investments only to come away dissatisfied with the results.

Read Article By Lorenz Dolezalek, Nico Geisel, Jan Friese, and Andrej Levin

George Veth

I may be the last to grow tired of “digital twinning”. This is the ability to construct a digital double of a physical or business environment, so you can model and run scenarios to create designs and/or improvements to systems. The technology is here. This article talks about the use of this approach in various aspects of city planning.

Fast Company ($) - Jun 17, 2021

These immersive, virtual 3D models are helping plan the infrastructure of the future

‘Digital twins’ of spaces like ports, roads, and train stations let planners experiment with changes before implementing them in real life.

Read Article By Ian Koeppel
Source Photo: [Images: cherezoff/iStock, sgame/iStock]

George Veth

Very interesting article about the different approaches to leverage the merits of cloud computing. It’s amazing to see how quickly companies can respond to a changing environment with the plug-and-play use of cloud applications. The article explores four approaches to cloud architecture – each delivering different benefits and constraints. I appreciated the nuance of the comparison, as I had never thought through it at this level of detail.

Deloitte. - Jun 3, 2021

A new framing for cloud innovation

Four potential scenarios for the future of cloud innovation strategy

Read Article By Lars Cromley, Diana Kearns-Manolatos, David Linthicum, and Mike Bechtel
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