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E&Y - Feb 8, 2021

How virtual collaboration can help build a better working world

Organizations need to think creatively when using technology to unlock new insights.

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BCG - Feb 10, 2021

Beethoven, Schubert, and Bank Technology Modernization

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony offers the perfect musical backdrop for today’s banking industry. The composer characterized the opening notes as “fate knocking on the door,” a fitting description of how banking executives may feel when facing the daunting prospect of an accelerating digital transformation and the need to modernize core systems.

Read Article By Rash Gandhi, Timothy Mandefield, and Evan Stubbs

MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Feb 3, 2021

What We’ve Learned So Far About Blockchain for Business

The biggest challenge to companies creating blockchain apps isn’t the technology — it’s successfully collaborating with ecosystem partners.

Read Article By Mary Lacity and Remko Van Hoek
Source Photo: Image courtesy of Dan Page/theispot.com

McKinsey & Company - Jan 29, 2021

How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs

As organizations launch more and more digital initiatives, CEOs must monitor whether they are delivering business results. These metrics are ones to watch.

Read Article By Matt Fitzpatrick and Kurt Strovink

MIT Sloan Management Review - Jan 11, 2021

How Machine Discovery Can Accelerate Solutions to Society’s Big Problems

Machine learning can accelerate breakthrough advances in fields as diverse as energy, medicine, and urban planning.

Read Article By Mark Purdy and Max Klymenko

George Veth

Wow! (Yikes?) – Palantir talks through how they create a “digital twin” of your business/operation, so you have a simulated environment within which to run scenarios for your organization – or even your ecosystem! Welcome to tomorrow.

Palantir - Jan 26, 2021

Palantir Live Demo Day

Thank you for joining our inaugural Live Demo Day on January 26, 2021. The Foundry and Gotham demos included examples of how our commercial and government customers — including manufacturers, defense agencies, and others — use our software.

Read Article By Shyam Sankar et al

Wall Street Journal ($) - Jan 25, 2021

Software Bots Multiply to Cope With ‘Stretched’ Resources

Companies are tapping robotic process automation to streamline operations, meet changing customer needs

Read Article By Angus Loten
Source Photo: Jeff Lautenberger

MIT Sloan Management Review - Jan 27, 2021

Picking the Right Approach to Digital Collaboration

Many software tools promise to facilitate teamwork — but what suits close-knit colleagues may not help those who need to make connections across the organization.

Read Article By Paul Leonardi
Source Photo: Dan Page/theispot.com

McKinsey & Company - Jan 22, 2021

The data gambit: How large B2B companies can outmaneuver start-ups

Incumbents often overlook the value of their most significant asset: their own data.

Read Article By Stefan Georgiev, Hashi Ibrahim-Hashi, Dieter Kiewell, Chris Smith, and Tom Youldon

Harvard Business Review ($) - Jan 1, 2021

When Machine Learning Goes Off the Rails

Products and services that rely on machine learning—computer programs that constantly absorb new data and adapt their decisions in response—don’t always make ethical or accurate choices … Executives need to understand and mitigate the technology’s potential downside.

Read Article By Boris Babic, I. Glenn Cohen, Theodoros Evgeniou, and Sara Gerke
Source Photo: Gregory Reid/Gallery Stock

Wall Street Journal ($) - Jan 14, 2021

Tech that aims to improve meetings

Tools like video sentiment analysis and smartwatch coaches have the potential to make meetings more productive and inclusive, but may feel intrusive to employees

Read Article By Te-Ping Chen, Kevin Hand, and Yan Wu

Fast Company ($) - Jan 8, 2021

This CEO believes it’s time to embrace idealogical diversity and AI can help

HR teams can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure candidates with different world views receive fair opportunities.

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Source Photo: itakayuki/iStock

Harvard Business Review ($) - Jan 11, 2021

How Companies Are Using VR to Develop Employees’ Soft Skills

Soft skills such as conflict resolution, teamwork, and leadership are more important than ever — but they can be tricky for employees to develop, especially as remote work makes many traditional training programs untenable. Without access to in-person education, what can businesses do to help their people develop these vital skills? The author suggests that Virtual Reality can offer an effective solution.

Read Article By Jeanne C. Meister
Source Photo: Vasilina Popova/ Getty Images

MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Oct 24, 2010

Analytics: The New Path to Value

How the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action

Read Article By Steve Lavalle, Michael S. Hopkins, Eric Lesser, Rebecca Shockley, and Nina Kruschwitz
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