The Breakthrough Incubator: A proven approach

Many CEOs face something like the “$1 billion challenge”: how do I deliver the significant growth that the markets expect? For companies in established mature sectors with low singledigit growth prospects or where technological disruption is threatening to erode or even destroy the current business, this challenge is critical and even existential. Incremental growth through continuous improvement is simply not significant enough. While acquisition is one route, acquiring a $1 billion revenue business is both expensive and not without risk. Innovation is another route to growth, but creating new businesses requires “breakthroughs” and is unlikely to be delivered by core R&D.

About George Veth

George Veth is a consultant in the areas of strategy execution and initiative management. Most recently, he has been leading a cross-boundary collaboration program with teams from cities across North America and Europe. He lives in Cambridge, MA, and runs a nonprofit SME Impact Fund in East Africa. His subject matter interests are organizational culture, management [system] innovation, and public value management.