8 things that could derail innovation at your company—and how to avoid them

In this excerpt from [the book], “From Incremental to Exponential,” the authors spell out the “eight deadly sins of stasis” that can doom a company’s efforts to change… [The authors] call [their] observations the Eight Deadly Sins of Stasis. Individually, none of these sins will doom a company to oblivion in its efforts to innovate and change. Collectively, though, they are a strong indicator that a company’s entire culture is stymying its efforts to maintain its relevance and survive. 

About George Veth

George Veth is a consultant in the areas of strategy execution and initiative management. Most recently, he has been leading a cross-boundary collaboration program with teams from cities across North America and Europe. He lives in Cambridge, MA, and runs a nonprofit SME Impact Fund in East Africa. His subject matter interests are organizational culture, management [system] innovation, and public value management.