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McKinsey & Company - Sep 7, 2021

Author Talks: Vanessa Bohns on our hidden potential to persuade

Social psychologist Vanessa Bohns discusses why failing to recognize our ability to influence can lead us to miss opportunities or misuse power.

Read Article By Vanessa Bohns and Eleni Kostopoulos

Fast Company ($) - Sep 28, 2021

The potential pitfalls of crafting a mission statement for your organization

Aspirational statements sound good, but if they’re not accompanied by visible efforts to achieve those aspirations, they’ll quickly be viewed as symbolic of an organization’s failures.

Read Article By J.W. Traphagan
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Bain & Company - Sep 20, 2021

Tech-fueled growth poised to accelerate; Business strategy set to become tech-driven across all sectors

Bain & Company’s second annual Global Technology report explores the drivers of rapid tech growth as well as implications for consumers, businesses and geopolitics

Read Article By Anne Hoecker and David Crawford

Agile Insider - Medium ($) - Sep 13, 2021

OKRs are networks, not hierarchies

They don’t cascade, they integrate

Read Article By Chris Butler
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MIT Sloan Management Review ($) - Sep 28, 2021

The Digital Superpowers You Need to Thrive

Digital leaders are best positioned to meet disruptive challenges with innovation.

Read Article By Gerald C. Kane, Rich Nanda, Anh Nguyen Phillips, and Jonathan Copulsky

MIT Technology Review - Sep 8, 2021

Meetings suck. Can we make them more fun?

As hybrid and remote work become the norm, meetings are including video game and virtual reality elements to increase engagement.

Read Article By Tanya Basu
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The Startup - Medium ($) - Sep 26, 2021

Boring Work Is Important (But Not in the Way You Think)

Lack of interest in a task may be a sign that you’ve made a mistake in priorities.

Read Article By Schaun Wheeler
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Fast Company ($) - Sep 7, 2021

The lives of two Stanford-students-turned-founders reveal tech’s misplaced priorities

Joshua Browder and Aaron Swartz were both technologists who attended the prestigious Silicon Valley school. But history treats them very differently.

Read Article By Rob Reich, Jeremy Weinstein, and Mehran Sahami
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BCG - Sep 9, 2021

Beyond the Black Box in Pricing

When B2B companies let technology drive their pricing governance models, they can lose sight of their strategic objectives. Smart pricing authority keeps them on course.

Read Article By Jeff Robinson and Rodrigo Garcia Escudero

Bloomberg Businessweek ($) - Sep 21, 2021

In Amazon’s Flagship Fulfillment Center, the Machines Run the Show

At BFI4 outside Seattle, the retailer uses algorithms and robots to ship more than a million packages a day—vastly changing the jobs of humans in the process.

Read Article By Matt Day

McKinsey & Company - Sep 10, 2021

The autonomous plant: Entering a new digital era

The requirements of the energy transition present significant industry challenges. Energy companies must embrace new technologies, transform management systems, and expand workforce capabilities.

Read Article By Gopal Chakrabarti, Dominik Don, Micah Smith, and Premal Vora

Zapier - Sep 21, 2021

Progressive profiling: a non-icky way to collect customer data

There’s a way to build customer personas and give consumers personalized experiences without having to creep on their data.

Read Article By Saphia Lanier ($) - Sep 23, 2021

KPIs Aren’t Just About Assessing Past Performance

Many companies track KPIs as a way of predicting performance. To really exploit the predictive power of KPIs, though, you need to map how the KPIs for your key stakeholders feed into each other and ultimately into financial performance.

Read Article By Graham Kenny
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peopleHum - Medium ($) - Sep 30, 2021

Culture and influence in the workplace: Collectivism vs Individualism

Culture is a singular factor that can have an influence on how people think and behave. Within this significantly vast field of study, a particular area that cross-cultural psychologists often study are the differences and similarities between individualistic cultures and collectivist cultures.

Read Article By peopleHum

SmartBrief - Sep 23, 2021

Rethinking new-manager development: An operating system to support success

Learning to manage is a kinesthetic experience. It takes time in the job and ample experimentation to promote true learning. Classroom time creates exposure to tools and approaches, but for new managers with little context for the role, the benefits of training are muted.

Read Article By Art Petty
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strategy+business ($) - Sep 14, 2021

Leading under pressure

To control the anxiety produced by moments of intense pressure, first step back and analyze the stakes.

Read Article By Theodore Kinni
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Fast Company ($) - Sep 22, 2021

3 unexpected benefits to shifting your mindset about time

Embracing long-term thinking can transform your career and business.

Read Article By Dorie Clark
Source Photo: [Photo: Akram Huseyn/Unsplash; Wilhelm Gunkel/Unsplash] ($) - Sep 10, 2021

Some Questions Benefit from Group Discussion. Others Don’t.

Research on the concept of “collective intelligence” has shown that in many cases, groups tend to come up with more accurate estimates after discussing a question than individual experts do on their own. However, a new study found that while this holds true for quantitative questions — i.e., “How long will the project take?” — groups are actually less accurate than individuals when it comes to yes/no questions, such as, “Will the project be done before the deadline?”.

Read Article By Joshua Becker, Douglas Guilbeault, and Edward “Ned” Smith
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George Veth

Budgeting has to evolve. I’ve been a secret fan of practitioners, Bjarte Bogsnes (one of the authors) and Steve Morlidge, over the years. These guys have been pioneering new approaches to planning, and this article lays out the key highlights. Every leader should understand these points about target setting, forecasting, and resource allocation.

BCG - Sep 13, 2021

Going Beyond Budgeting

CFOs say it’s finally time to slay the three-headed corporate budgeting monster.

Read Article By Sebastian Stange, Bjarte Bogsnes, and Hardik Sheth

George Veth

We need to reckon with the purpose of the corporation and the purpose of our corporation(s)! This post is a conversation on the topic. A highlight is the need to have a longer term mindset on many dimensions of stakeholder value.

B The Change - Medium ($) - Sep 14, 2021

Pursuing Business Purpose for a More Sustainable World

How Companies Can Lead with a Long-Term Mindset

Read Article By Network for Business Sustainability
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